Everything you need to publish and monetise culinary content.

An incredible range of publishing and monetisation features all under one roof.

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Everything you need to publish and monetise culinary content.

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Effortless social publishing of standard and not so standard content.






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4 ways to monetise

Prices controlled by you. Payment direct to you. Everything else managed by CooklyBookly.


Create multiple subscription plans. Control which plans gets what content. Stagger content availability for each subscriber.
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Instantly configure your own web shop for one or one thousand items with bells and whistles if you need them.
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Great tools for working with brands, offering more than traditional social media for you and your brand partner.
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Work directly with advertisers who want to display their ads on your pages, including price negotiation and settlement.
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Revenue Calculator

Revenue Calculator
If you have more than one social media channel, estimate the total unique followers, or just use your largest channel.
Engagement Level *
Engagement is one of the most important factors in how much you will earn. Play around with this field if you like.
CooklyBookly provides everything you need to manage multi-tiered subscriptions, including setup and payments direct to you. Click here for more information about Subscriptions.
Estimate the number of subscribers you think you will get
It's entirely up to you what you charge each month. Enter the price that you think will work best.
We provide some truly unique tools for collaborations and promotions with brands. Click here for more information.
We've estimated this based on the number of followers you have and your engagement level.
Negotiate your own rates with advertisers and have their ads show up not only on your content but on all general CooklyBookly pages. Click here for more information about Collaborations.
The amount you will get paid per thousand displays of an ad.

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Tools to help you monetise

Integrated goodies to go with your Membership plans and wow your followers.


live strea,m
Real time live streaming with integrated chat, screensharing, camera switching with nothing to install for anyone.

Video Chat

Like Zoom but without anything to install, it's great for cook-alongs, demos, Q&A etc.

Chat Rooms

Group or one-to-one chat rooms for your Members. Images and attachments. In the App and your browser.


Group or one-to-one chat rooms for your Members. Images and attachments. In the App and your browser.

Why it's better

There are so many reasons to love CooklyBookly. Click below to see  detailed features and benefits.

A social platform for web and mobile

All our features are available in desktop and mobile browsers and there's an App as well, of course.

Social features - followers, notifications, chat rooms, live-streaming, configurable notifications, timeline, comment and more.
iOS and Android App but works great in the browser, too. Configure notifications for DMs, new content published by favorite people and respond to comments.
The browser version does everything the mobile app can do. as well as giving authors more space when adding new content. 

Customisable themes

Custom themes that perfectly match your blog, restaurant and brand so your content won’t look like anyone else’s.

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