CooklyBookly pays creators based on the number of page views generated by any site visitor other than creators viewing their own content. The following pages are counted:

Payment Rates

Until we fully launch advertising (see below), we will pay you as a standard rate of £5 per thousand page views.

Please note: you must generate at least 1,000 monthly page views to be eligible for remuneration. Click here for tips on how to post on social media to maximise traffic to your CooklyBookly content, and thereby maximise your earnings. 

Change in payment structure

We reserve the right to change the payment structure at any time. Should we do so, then we will email you details of the changes 30 days before such changes take effect.


CooklyBookly has recently introduced its own advertising. Our advertising is unlike almost all other advertising in the food blogging world. We will be focusing on advertisers that have a clear connection to food and beverage. Advertisements will be displayed in a fashion that is very sympathetic to the look and feel of author content and will not look like the normal ad network ads you might be used to seeing.

From June 2021, when advertising is fully launched, we will switch to an ad revenue system where we pay creators 50% of the ad revenue generated from advertisers. Please note:

CooklyBookly is a platform dedicated to empowering chefs and culinary influencers. We offer four monetisation options: Memberships, Recommendations, Advertising and Shop

We put you firmly in control of all aspects of monetisation. You control prices and you control which monetisation options you choose.

CooklyBookly manages all of the eCommerce aspects for you. We collect payments on your behalf and we pay you twice a month.


A membership is a fee that you charge on a recurring basis. You can choose any combination of monthly, quarterly and annual memberships. You have the ability to create multiple memberships and set the price for each one.

To support memberships, CooklyBookly has in-built live streaming, private chat and chat group capabilities. 

Here are some example memberships that you might create.

Exclusive recipe content£3£10£40
Exclusive recipe content and weekly cookalongs£5£15£50
Exclusive recipe content and masterclass access£7£20£70

Options you could include in your membership packages:

We charge a 20% handling fee.


The Recommendations feature simplifies and automates the paid partnership process. Brands pay you to appear in your My Recommendations listing. 

CooklyBookly automates the entire process for you and the brand, removing the need for lengthy negotiations and email exchanges. 


Ads are served against free content. We offer two types of advertising: Platform Advertising and Custom Advertising

Platform Advertising

Platform advertisers are managed by CooklyBookly. We partner with advertisers in the food and beverage industry only. Ads are very sympathetic to the look and feel of author content and offer better experience than ad networks.

We pay you 50% of the revenue we generate from advertisers.

Custom Advertising

We provide all the tools that allow you and an Advertiser to automatically establish an advertising contract

This has several advantages to you and the Advertiser.

CooklyBookly allows the following to be managed and agreed between you and the Advertiser through the platform.

As in Recommendations, the entire process is automated

We charge a 30% handling fee.


CooklyBookly enables you to configure an online shop where your merchandise can be displayed. We manage all of the eCommerce and charge a 10% handling fee.

We offer two different types of shops.

Maximising Revenue 

There are strategies you can employ to maximise your revenues. Achieving this means employing the best balance of Recommendations, Custom Advertising and memberships. You will have your own goals and priorities but there are different aspects to consider.


A key consideration is what content you choose to make available for free and what content you put into a paid membership.

If you put all of your content into a paid plan, your followers will always be confronted with your paywall whenever they access your content. While this may be what you want, the consequence can be that over time, many of your followers may stop clicking on your CooklyBookly links, knowing that they will not be able to see content without paying.

Most Recent post is free

With this strategy you offer your most recent post for free to everyone. However, after a period of time that you can choose, the content is automatically moved into a paid membership. This is in addition to any additional free content you might like to share with your followers.

There are several advantages to this.

Free and paid mix

An alternative approach is to offer a combination of free and paid content. 

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