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Zena Kamgaing
Zena Kamgaing
5 months ago

To upload a technique, you must first create a free user account. To do this, click Login in the top right of the menu bar then click Sign Up.


  • To add a new technique, click the + icon in the top right of the menu bar and click technique.
  • Enter the Title, along with an optional Subtitle.
  • Enter relevant Hashtags. We recommend at least three hashtags.
  • Add your images. You can either drag and drop images from your desktop into the placeholder or click the placeholder and select image files from your computer.
    • The Thumbnail Image is the image that appears in a listing. The recommended aspect ratio is 1:1 (square).
    • The Theme Image is the image that appears in the recipe itself. You can only select 1 image, unless your theme supports multiple images. To add images within your content, see the Method section below. 
  • Select your Theme. If you have a custom theme, this will automatically be preselected for you. 


  • Type or paste the content of your technique into the Technique Text editor field. Use Headings and Normal Text to format your text. 

Numbered lists

  • We recommend that you use numbered lists or bullet points to structure your text and create clear step-by-step instructions.
  • To do this, type or paste your method text into the editor. 
  • Highlight the text and click the Numbered Lists icon in the toolbar (see image above). 
  • Doing this ensures that the numbers are formatted in line with your theme.

Inserting images and videos

  • To insert images in your technique, click the Insert Media icon in the editor’s toolbar and select an image from your gallery. Click Insert Item to place it within your text at the position of the cursor. 
  • Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop an image from your desktop into the text editor box at the position of the cursor. 
  • Do not attempt to resize the image within the editor. CooklyBookly automatically resizes the image for you to match your theme. 

How to insert video time links 

  • CooklyBookly enables you to link text to specific time points within videos. No more time wasted scrubbing through videos to get to the right spot!
  • Highlight the text that you would like to add the video link to.
  • Click the Link Content icon in the toolbar and select the video you want to link. The link will appear as a highlighted, underlined piece of text.
  • Click the link then click Settings. Enter the Start Time and End Time and click OK.

Other features

  • Link to content: the anchor icon allows you to link to another piece of CooklyBookly content. After clicking on the icon you will be shown a chooser that lets you select a recipe, technique, blog post or Gallery image. The link will appear as a highlighted, underlined piece of text.
  • Unit conversion: the unit conversion icon lets you enter a value that will auto-convert between US and Metric units. Click the toolbar icon, enter the value and unit and click Insert. Once clicked, the value will appear in a highlighted bubble. 

Previewing and publishing

  • You can preview your technique once you have entered the required fields.
  • Return to Edit Mode by pressing the pencil icon. 
  • You can change the theme at any time. 
  • When you're happy with your technique, click Publish. Use the Now option to publish immediately or use the Custom date field to control the order that your posts appear in your profile page. Your profile page is in reverse chronological order.
  • Click Draft to make changes or take your technique offline. Click Publish to once again make it findable and viewable by everyone.

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