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Zena Kamgaing
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The Gallery is where you upload and store your photo and video media. You can find it by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner.

Uploading media

You can upload media by:

  • dragging and dropping an image from your computer into the top left box of the gallery listing
  • clicking in the top left box and then locating your media on your laptop

Naming media correctly

  • CooklyBookly lets you search for media by name when inserting it. If you have a lot of media items they can be hard to find if they are not suitably named.
  • So, before uploading, we strongly recommend giving your media a filename that makes it easy to find. If you have already uploaded your media then you can rename it within the gallery (see Media Details below).

Automatic downscaling

CooklyBookly will downscale your photos and videos to an appropriate size. 

  • Videos will be downscaled to 720 p (1280 x 720).
  • Photos will be downscaled to 1280 px but will keep the original aspect ratio.

Media details

  • You can get more detailed information about a gallery media item by double-clicking on the item.
  • This screen also allows you to rename your media.

Inserting media from the gallery

Inserting a thumbnail image

  • Content items require thumbnail images for listings.
  • To select a media item for your thumbnail, click on the thumbnail box, search for your media, then select an item in the popup by clicking Insert Item.
insert thumbnail

Inserting a theme image

  • The Theme Image is the image that appears at the top of your content.
  • To select a media item for your theme image, click on the thumbnail box, search for your media, then select an item in the popup by clicking Insert Item.

Inserting media within content 

  • To add an image or video within a piece of content, click the Inline Content icon (see image below) in the editor’s toolbar and select a piece of media from your gallery. Click Insert Item to place it within your text at the position of the cursor. 
  • Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop an image from your desktop into the text editor box at the position of the cursor. 
  • Do not attempt to resize the image within the editor. CooklyBookly automatically resizes the image for you to match your theme. 

Adding a YouTube video to the Gallery 

  • Click Add YouTube, enter the video title and URL and click Add.
  • You can then insert the embedded YouTube video within any piece of content by clicking the Inline Content icon (see image above), selecting the video and clicking Insert.  
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