Zena Kamgaing
Zena Kamgaing
5 months ago

To access your Insights, click your avatar in the top right corner and select Insights

You have access to the following reports:

  • Summary: a table of page views.
  • Graph: a day by day graph of page views.
  • Detail: a table showing page views by recipe and by day.
  • Content: a bar chart showing page views ordered by recipe popularity.


  • You can change the date range by using the buttons and the date fields.
  • IMPORTANT: once you have made any changes to any date filters, press the APPLY button to ensure the report is properly updated.


  • Self-referred: page views derived from your CooklyBookly link (i.e. CooklyBookly ‘entry point’ is your profile page link)
  • Referred: page views derived from another creator’s link (i.e. CooklyBookly ‘entry point’ is another creator’s link)
  • No referrer: page views derived from searches.
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