Standard remuneration

Zena Kamgaing
Zena Kamgaing
5 months ago

CooklyBookly pays creators based on the number of page views generated by any site visitor other than creators viewing their own content. The following pages are counted:

  • Your recipe, video, technique, collection and blog pages
  • Your user profile page
  • Your listing pages

Payment Rates

Until we fully launch advertising (see below), we will pay you as a standard rate of £5 per thousand page views.

Please note: you must generate at least 1,000 monthly page views to be eligible for remuneration. Click here for tips on how to post on social media to maximise traffic to your CooklyBookly content, and thereby maximise your earnings. 

Change in payment structure

We reserve the right to change the payment structure at any time. Should we do so, then we will email you details of the changes 30 days before such changes take effect.


CooklyBookly has recently introduced its own advertising. Our advertising is unlike almost all other advertising in the food blogging world. We will be focusing on advertisers that have a clear connection to food and beverage. Advertisements will be displayed in a fashion that is very sympathetic to the look and feel of author content and will not look like the normal ad network ads you might be used to seeing.

From June 2021, when advertising is fully launched, we will switch to an ad revenue system where we pay creators 50% of the ad revenue generated from advertisers. Please note:

  • Our advertisers can choose between impression and click based campaigns.
  • We will pay you on the same basis, so if an advertiser chooses an impression based campaign then you will also be paid on impressions rather than requiring a click on the advertisement for you to benefit.
  • Because of the contextual relevance of our ads and the quality of our advertising approach, we are able to generate higher payment rates than less focused advertisements, which mens higher rates for our creators. 
  • For the 3 months after we fully launch advertising, we will guarantee you the payment rate described at the top of this page.
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